Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sensuous Caning How-To

Hey, y'all. Sorry for the lack of real posts.. but life and holidays and whatnot. In the meantime, here's another interesting article on sensual caning (as opposed to hardcore owie caning).

Canes have a deserved reputation as The Victorian Terror Weapon. To most submissives, they mean severe punishment; to sensation-seeking S/M bottoms, overload. If we have care and patience, however, canes can be used in a loving and sensuous way. The very stiffness of a good cane, that makes a hard stroke so intense, allows the lightest taps to be given with perfect control. And a light canestroke is easy to aim, unlike a flexible whip that sags and flops at low power. In the kind of sensuous play I'm describing here, light strokes are far more prevalent and important than heavy ones.
 This style is a matter of trust, patience, and finesse. If you can't gain, maintain, and deserve the bottom's trust, the whole thing is probably going to fail, or fall far short of what it could be. As for patience, don't even start a scene like this unless you have at least an hour available, and two is better. Finesse? Well, on two occasions bottoms have gone to sleep while I was caning them. They woke up black and blue, and giggling. That's finesse.
 I'm not bragging, and I'm not saying I'm some kind of Caning God. It's learnable. That's why I'm writing this.
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-- Sensuous Caning by Conrad Hodson

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