Monday, May 26, 2014

In Service Again

I spent the beginning part of this year being completely single and 100% happy with that fact. Something in me changed and for the first time ever, I found myself wholly uninterested in anything relationship-related, including FWBs. Usually, when I get to the point of 3 months with no sex, I'm driven mad by all the pent-up energy and start seeking out sex partners, but oddly, 3 months went by and I didn't even notice.

I rejected the bitchy Domme, Miss S. I found her very self-centered, so I just could never get attracted to her enough to want to do things. Something has shifted in me and I'm no longer interested in wasting time on things that are 'okay for now' -- things that aren't ideal and that don't feel 'just right'. I know my value and I'm tired of wasting energy on people who don't see it. Furthermore, I would much rather be happy single than miserable in a relationship.

Even after four months, I really felt no desire whatsoever to be involved with someone. Every time an opportunity came up, I quickly dismissed it due to strong feelings of not wanting any part of it. In light of that, it's kind of interesting and ironic that I recently sort of fell into a service relationship.

As I said, I genuinely had no interest and have instead been seeking to make friends and build my social group, which is going really well, especially since I've started learning to bootblack. My friend Boots, who is my bootblack quasi-mentor, texted me to let me know that she knew a femme redhead who was looking for a service person. Intrigued, I requested more details and it turns out that we'd actually talked a little on OKCupid back in November. I had a lot on my plate at the time and frankly, I dropped the ball, but the fact that she was presented to me again as a possibility made me think there might be a reason.

So, we met for breakfast and hit it off immediately. She thoroughly enjoyed me blushing my face off, and persisted in making me talking about my kink likes in the middle of the restaurant (blush, blush, blush...). I found her captivatingly sexy. She has this really delicious, primal undercurrent of sexiness that I find magnetic, to say the least. Things felt good, comfortable, and the sexual chemistry was practically tangible. I thought, I didn't want a relationship..., but weirdly, I didn't mind for the first time in forever. Things were easy and felt right, so I kind of shrugged and went with it.

It's nice to once again be with someone who is a service aficionado and who knows what to do with me! That is such a good feeling. She identifies as a slave and is actually owned by someone else, but she certainly has no problem dominating me or directing me to do things. She told me she's not my dominant, which I find a little confusing because her role in this whole thing is to dominate me, but semantics? Instead, she says she's my Ma'am and I'm her service girl.

She's a very experienced bootblack and seems to know everyone, which is pretty awesome! I get to learn more skills, plus I'm called on to attend to her at various events, including being her keeper when she bootblacks. Not only that, but because she is so respected and well-liked, being in her service boosts my cred as a service sub within the community. Already, a couple of doors have opened for more prestigious service opportunities and I'm absolutely certain that being her service girl has helped my case immensely.

Finally, things are looking up! It's been a long time since I was in service, like really in service to someone with a deep appreciation, who knows what to do with me. It's been a really long time since I've had truly kinky play... J just wanted to talk about it, but she never would make time to actually do it. Doubly exciting for me is that this is the first time that the power exchange with a woman has also included sexual service and I love it! I have wanted that for a long time and it's been really fucking hot so far. :)