Monday, November 05, 2012

When Worlds Collide

I had a table last night of cool folks, two men and a woman. They were friendly and pleasant to deal with and we traded banter throughout their meal. At the end, they said they wanted some cake. "Okay, how many pieces?" I inquired.

They looked at each other and decided on two pieces. "All right.. two pieces, three forks?" I asked.

The woman beamed and said in a pleased tone, "Good girl! You got it."

Oh shit, she said the magic words. The words I generally only hear in my kinky world, never at work. The two words that I have come to strive to hear and which make me melt inside. It was just the exact right combination of things; attractive woman, kind, funny, well-meaning, I did a good job... A part of me stopped and did a little squeeeee! and I walked away to retrieve their cake.

At the same time that my kinky little heart was thrilled to have gotten a "good girl", reality started to creep in. I was at work. I didn't know these people. The lady probably had no idea what she'd said. Part of me briefly wondered if she was a Domme and had recognized my submissiveness, prompting her to throw out the magic words; after all, who says that, right? Truthfully, though, I hadn't been given any other sign and I think it was simply spontaneous.

It was weird to have these juxtaposed mind states, when they are usually worlds apart. I mulled it over for the next twenty minutes, marveling at the dissonance I felt. It was a very odd and interesting sensation, this surprise merging of worlds.